Croatian Economic Viewpoints

Economic Views is an official expert reviewed academics journal with the Faculty of Economics, University of Osijek, built by Center for the purpose of European Studies. This is undoubtedly one of very few peer reviewed periodicals from inside the Croatian university that covers the concepts and research technique of financial perspectives. Major of this peer reviewed journal is mainly on the economic theory and policy of economic development of Croatia, cover both Croatian and Intercontinental perspective.

The key topics of economic perspectives happen to be micro, macro and politics economy of Croatia, trying to provide a extensive background in neuro-scientific economic advancement and insurance plans. This is one of the greatest sources of data for those doing qualitative research, since it includes the most recent research projects and conference abstracts in the field of monetary theory and policy. In this issue of Economic Points of views, Peter warburton and lazy hunt comprehensively cover new developments at the Croatian financial system. Specifically, these kinds of topics will be discussed with regards to the the latest past and early future of Croatian economic climate.

Issues of economic creation and plans are discussed within the platform of worldwide trade and comparative research of Croatian and intercontinental intellectual residence law. New developments in international financial policy also are discussed. Issues such as tourism, investments, privatization and growth are discussed, concentrating on the macroeconomic impact for these issues on the whole of Croatian society. Issues that have wider implications for the remainder of the region and beyond can be tackled, drawing on recent magazines in the scientific and economic books on the personal and institutional structures of Croatian economic policy. Economic perspectives can therefore provide you with important observations for policy makers in the region, particularly those who are currently involved in economic creation issues.

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